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About The Linux Emporium

Linux Awards Best Server Application

The Linux Emporium is part of Thyme Software Limited. Thyme has been formed to incorporate two leading UK Open Source companies: The Linux Emporium and Clockwork Software Systems.

Clockwork was founded in 1987 to provide bespoke software development services for the Unix operating system, and it was a natural progression to move to Linux during the nineties. Today Clockwork is a leading UK developer of FLOSS (Free Libre and Open Source Software) and won the award for 'Best Linux/Open Source Application' at the London LinuxWorld Expo in October 2005 for our PayThyme payroll.


The Linux Emporium was founded in 1997, growing out of an earlier cooperative effort to provide access to cheap Linux CDs (the Linux Buyers' Consortium). To begin with it was a part-time activity for one person (John Winters) but it's grown and was sold by John to ChyGwyn Limited in 2003. In November 2005 Steve Whitehouse of Chygwyn sold the Emporium to Thyme/Clockwork. We very much appreciate all the hard work that John and Steve have put in and we intend to run it with the original sprit very much in mind, whilst developing it to suit the growing demand for Linux and FLOSS products.

Initially the Linux Emporium sold just cheap CDs of Linux (imported from the USA) but now we manufacture our own CDs and sell official boxed sets of many Linux distributions among other things. We are gradually expanding the range of products sold, including Linux-friendly hardware.

Together under the Thyme banner, The Linux Emporium and Clockwork Software Systems form a strong UK Free Software company, with in-depth development resources and experience.

Our customers include Ford Motor Company, the Heritage Motor Center, the Human Genome Project and Deutsche Bank, as well as many other less well-known names.

We are institutional members of the UKUUG, ACCU and play an active role in developing free (as in freedom) software, as well as supporting the community via our local Linux User Group, South Birmingham Lug, and by helping to organise the EuroPython conference.

Company Information

  • Our contact details.
  • Our registered office: Thyme Software LTD, The Techno Centre, Puma Way, Parkside, Coventry, CV1 2TT.
  • Our VAT registration number: GB 868 8462 59
  • Our company registration number: 5186131

The Linux Emporium consists of:

John Pinner, Robert Pinner and Sharmaine Nevins