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23/01/2010. Just spotted this news page doesn't get updated with the news feed on the index page. Must fix that.

12/8/2008. We now have stocks of the Asus EeePC 1000 with more power (Intel Atom processor), a bigger screen and 40GB of solid state storage.

11/8/2008. We have the Lenovo 3000 Olympic Special which celebrates Lenovo's sponsorship of the Olympic Games by bundling with a very nice backpack bag.

10/6/2008. We now have stocks of the Asus EeePC 900 with more power, a bigger screen and 20GB of solid state storage.

9/6/2008. Take control of your media collection and share it between your TV and computers with the Neuros OSD

6/6/2008. We once again have limited stocks of the Asus EeePC subminiature notebook, a delightful piece of engineering bringing full functionality in a small package at a reasonable price.

10/1/2008. After a long wait, we have limited stocks of the Asus EeePC subminiature notebook, a delightful piece of engineering bringing full functionality in a small package at a reasonable price.

12/12/2007. There is a new and competitively priced Lenovo 3000-N200 laptop available, and there is a good price reduction on the Thinkpad R61i.

Plus a little bit of seasonal fun with a useful Penguin CD wallet.

2/12/2007. A fine range of LCD TVs and Monitors joins our hardware portfolio.

9/11/2007. Fedora 8 is here! The latest (better than ever) version of this popular distribution was released yesterday, and the Emporium has both DVD and live CD versions available, as well as a set of DVD's and CD's if you want every permutation. Look at our Fedora 8 page for details. Fedora is the community-driven leading-edge version of the iconic Red Hat Linux.

6/11/2007. One of our customers for the Thinkpad X61s has blogged about his new machine.

5/11/2007. The widescreen the Thinkpad T61 laptop has the latest Santa Rosa chipset and has Ubuntu 7.10 installed.

31/10/2007. We now have stock of the, openSUSE Boxed Set

27/10/2007. The latest models in the Lenovo 3000 series, the widescreen N200 and the lightweight supermobile X range, the Thinkpad X61s are married happily with Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon, giving extra power to the Linux laptop user.

26/10/2007. Our range of Linux-compatible wireless cards continues to be very popular. They come with our support CD to help you get them up and running on the popular flavours of Linux, and as newer kernels become available (for example with Ubuntu 7.10) some models work 'out-of-the-box'.

18/10/2007. Today's hot news is the release of the latest version of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon another milestone in the relentless progress of this favourite distribution.

7/10/2007. The latest version of OpenSUSE (10.3) is now available on DVD and CD.

18/9/2007. A widescreen Thinkpad T60 laptop joins the lineup as the successor to the Z61m, bringing improved portability to the widescreen laptop scene.

28/6/2007. Once again we have a Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop available with Linux pre-installed and exceptional performance at the price.

There have been price movements on a number of laptops, the Thinkpad Z61m is now better value than ever.

The Linux wifi page has been updated to reflect improved support for more distributions.

17/6/2007. A new Thinkpad R60e with more RAM and a bigger disk offers even better value.

The Ubuntu Studio DVD is available, showcasing the best in open source multimedia creation.

8/6/2007. The Thinkpad R60e joins our range of laptops with Linux preinstalled and brings Thinkpad quality and durability within reach.

29/4/2007. We have a brand new version of the OpenCD, this CD has lots of Free Software - all the major apps - ready for use on Windows. Just the job for converting people to open software.

19/4/2007. Today's red hot news is the release of Ubuntu 7.04, 'Feisty Fawn', Which Ubuntu enthusiasts will delight in.

8/4/2007. Today's hot news is the release of Debian 4.0, 'Etch'. We've given it a whirl and can report that it installs very nicely, has a pretty painless upgrade from Sarge, and is generally a very worthwhile improvement.

12/2/2007. A very powerful Thinkpad Z61m joins our range of laptops with Linux preinstalled.

The gNewSense Free version of Ubuntu and gPartEd Partition Editor on a Live CD are now available.

7/2/2007. Our range of Linux-compatible wireless cards has been joined by a very tasty USB dongle with antenna.

24/1/2007. The new SUSE Linux boxed sets are now available from stock. This release is a big improvement on 10.1, and includes exciting 3D graphics effects.

21/1/2007. Our range of Linux-compatible wireless cards, have been very popular over the last year, but recently supplies dried up as the Ralink RT2500 chipset became unavailable. We're pleased to say that we have replacements, we've done a lot of work checking distributions for compatibility, and supply the new cards with a support CD with the results of our work.

18/1/2007. Just in case you've forgotten that the Emporium do training courses, last week we held a VoiP internet telephone training course, and this week it was the turn of Python. We've had some feedback that people would like us to hold courses in London. Of course that might rule out our no frills courses on the grounds of cost, but it might suit some people, if our courses were available in the capital. What do you think? Let us know if you are interested.

14/1/2007. We're pleased to say that there have been significant price reductions on some Linux laptops, in particular there are some really good prices on the X41 ultra-portables and the T43p power laptop, which bring these superb machines within reach.

Mandriva Logo After some frustration with the Mandriva supply chain, now we have stocks of Mandriva 2007 Discovery, Powerpack and Powerpack Plus boxed sets. This release of Mandriva has been reviewed very well and there is a product for everyone in the range.

5/12/2006. A new model Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop makes its appearance, and at a SPECIAL PRICE, which makes it a very attractive offering. As well as a duo-core processor it sports a wide high-resolution screen and high-performance nVidia graphics, making it an ideal Christmas present!

3/12/2006. The latest OpenCD, version 4.0 has arrived. If you're a Windows user, and curious about Open Source software, but not quite ready to change to Linux, this CD is a really good way to find out about Open Source. It contains over 30 programs, from screen savers to a full office suite, all ready to run on Windows.

27/10/2006. We promised you a feast, and the banquet`s third remove has arrived: OpenBSD 4.0, the very latest offering of this ultra-secure OS.

26/10/2006. The table is definitely beginning to groan as the second remove arrives: Ubuntu 6.10, or Edgy Eft. Fresh from Canonical`s kitchens, this is a feast in it`s own right with all the different varieties.

24/10/2006. Well, in a week where there's going to be a feast of good new stuff, the first to get to the banqueting table is Fedora Core 6, the very latest from the Red Hat stable, full of tasty morsels for your delectation.

14/10/2006. New releases of Rock Clusters and Mandriva are now available, and we're taking orders for the Mandriva 2007 Powerpack boxed set.

18/9/2006. Free Ubuntu stickers are now available.

23/8/2006. At last we have stock of the latest Xandros, both the Business Edition and Home Edition Premium. Xandros won the LinuxWorld 2005 award for Best Productivity Application. It is 'designed for users migrating from Microsoft Windows, and comes with CrossOver Office and tools to import e-mail, calendars, address books, bookmarks, files, etc from your old Windows machine to Xandros'. See reviews of the Home Edition and Business Edition.

6/8/2006. The free BSD distributions (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, PC-BSD) now have their own page. There is a new release of PC-BSD, the BSD which aims to be as friendly as possible to the new BSD user.

If it's entertainment you're after, our range of Linux games has been expanded greatly. There should be a Linux game for every taste.

30/7/2006. Not before time, we've updated the CentOS and Knoppix entries. CentOS is for those who want a true Enterprise edition of GNU/Linux without the usual costs (it's built from the GPL'd sources of a well-known North American Enterprise Linux vendor).

Knoppix 5.0.1 has many additions and improvements, now it will handle RAID controllers and partitions, and has transparent write access to NTFS partitions.

26/7/2006. Last week's 'no-frills' Python Training course proved the popularity of this concept, with students from the UK, Germany, South Africa and Croatia attending the 3-day course. Four people stayed on to make it a full week and covered further specialist topics they'd requested.

28/6/2006. For a long time we've been giving training courses, mainly on Python and Linux sysadmin, and now we're offering these via the Emporium. You'll see a new training page, and we've lowered the bar to getting good training by introducing a new concept: no-frills training. The first subject to get the no-frills treatment is Python.

21/6/2006. The range of Thinkpad notebooks with Linux preinstalled has been enhanced. For the first time we list the X60s - the definitive portable laptop, Combining power and portability it now has a Duo Core processor. The X60s is also available bundled with a lightweight docking station and DVD writer.

The range is also joined by the Lenovo 3000 C100, which offers excellent value for money and is our first sub-£500 laptop.

Click here for more details.

18/6/2006. In a slight rearrangement, Debian and Ubuntu now have their own pages, separate from the General Distributions page.

11/6/2006. The Kubuntu DVD version of Ubuntu 6.06 is now available here. Kubuntu uses the KDE desktop and the DVD packages the Desktop Live/Install and Alternate Install CD's in one handy disc, together with lots of extra packages.

The support CD for the Linux-friendly wireless cards has been updated and now includes the rt73 chip set driver required for later models of the USB stick.

1/6/2006. Today's big news is the release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Ubuntu is growing in popularity faster than any other GNU/Linux distribution, and when you try it, you'll see why. The name of this version - 6.06 LTS - tells you something about Ubuntu's intentions, 6.06 defines the date, June 2006, and LTS stands for Long Term Support: this release will be supported for five years for the server product and three years for the desktop. Click here to see the Ubuntu options and order what could well become your favourite Linux distro.

20/5/2006. The boxed set of SUSE Linux 10.1 is available at last! We've heard that our long-standing order has been shipped and we will receive it during the week. As usual, it's a beautifully-crafted distribution and SUSE fans will not be disappointed. Buying the boxed set offers a number of advantages over the free version, as well as useful extra software you get 90 days installation support as well as a printed manual. If you pre-ordered, your order will be despatched as soon as the shipment arrives. If you didn't pre-order, click here to order your copy.

11/5/2006. Open SuSE 10.1 has arrived! The latest version of this solid and popular distribution was released today, and the Emporium has the CD version available here. Open SuSE is Novell's community edition, and is to SuSE Enterprise as Fedora is to Red Hat.

Although we've had SuSE 10.1 boxed sets on order for several weeks, we regret that they still haven't arrived, as soon as they do they'll go on our site.

3/5/2006. We now have stocks of official OpenBSD 3.9 sets, the newest release of this respected and secure version of BSD UNIX. Go here to order your copy.

29/4/2006. The Linux-friendly wireless cards are growing in popularity, but we've had to withdraw the mini-PCI card temporarily due to lack of availability. We intend to restock when practical.

20/3/2006. Fedora Core 5 is here! The latest version of this popular distribution was released today, and the Emporium has both CD and DVD versions available here. Fedora is the community-driven leading-edge version of the iconic Red Hat Linux.

14/3/2006. Fans of Linux on Apple Mac will be pleased to know that we now have stocks of Yellow Dog Linux 4.1, the latest version from Terrasoft. We apologise for the delay, due to problems with the US distribution chain. Go here to order your copy.

23/2/2006. Version 10.1 of the beautifully-prepared and popular SUSE Linux distribution will now be released in early April, a little later than planned. We are now taking pre-orders, so you can ensure that you get your copy as soon as possible. Be an early bird, click here to order your copy. Because of the delay, we have restocked with the current SUSE 10.0 version, so there's no shortage.

23/1/2006. Official OpenBSD 3.8 sets are now available here.

8/1/2006. The CD has been updated to version 2.0.1. Also there is now an 'extras' CD available.

8/12/2005. Gadgets and Gifts is a new page which might give you a few ideas for presents for your friends or, come to think of it, yourself. You could even leave the page open to drop a hint to your nearest and dearest!

5/12/2005. The Emporium is stocking Memory and Cybertool versions of the famed Swiss Army Knives. See here for details.

29/11/2005. The range of Thinkpad notebooks with Linux preinstalled has been extended, with selected models at all price ranges. Click here for more details.

28/11/2005. We now have stocks of Mandriva Discovery and Power Pack boxed sets.

10/11/2005. The Linux Emporium has joined Thyme Software Limited. Click here for more details.

14/10/2005. SUSE LINUX Professional 10.0 will be in stock from Monday 17th October.

29/9/2005. SUSE LINUX Professional 10.0 is now available for pre-ordering. There is only one boxed set this time (no update version) although you can update a previous installation with the full set of course. Also the price has come down and is now less than the current 9.3 boxed sets. We expect to be able to start shipping SUSE LINUX Professional 10.0 around mid-October.

11/7/2005. Lots of updates recently. We've updated the SuSE page to reflect their new ownership (Novell) and also a number of the cheap CD titles have been updated to the most recent versions. CentOS is new on the general distributions page by popular demand.

We will be having a stand at this year's UKUUG Linux 2005 Conference at the University of Wales, Swansea on August 4th to 7th. Please register on the UKUUG site if you'd like to come along to see us there.

20/6/2005. Two new distros. Debian Sarge is finally out (version 3.1r0a, the one with the security fixes) is available on DVD-R and CDs. Also Fedora Core 4 has been released.

27/5/2005. OpenBSD 3.7 boxed sets are now in stock and shipping.

18/4/2005. SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 is now in stock and shipping from today. Also we've got a new Ubuntu version (Hoary Hedgehog) and Gentoo 2005.0 is now available after its delayed release (due to security problems in the distribution which are now resolved). Also Red Hat's Fedora distribution has been updated to Test 2. Knoppix is now at version 3.8.1.

10/4/2005. We've just heard that SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 will be delayed by approx 10 days. Sorry for the delay, and we will of course do our best to keep you updated as to the latest information on this product. We are still accepting pre-orders in the mean time so you can ensure that you receive a copy as soon as its available.

23/3/2005. SUSE LINUX 9.3 Professional is available for pre-ordering now. The expected shipping date is April 10th.

We have two brand new models of the Happy Hacking Keyboard in our hardware section. These are charcoal coloured versions of the HHK Professional and the latest in this (very popular) product line.

Red Hat's Enterprise Linux 4 is now out. This is the first of their Enterprise Linux range to include a 2.6 Linux kernel. Please contact us for pricing and further details of the various options available.

Slackware 10.1 boxed sets are now available. There are a few of the older 10.0 sets available at half price. Fedora Core 4 Test 1 is now out, this features an extra architecture, PPC, compared with previous versions. We have a new GNU Press book, "Free Software, Free Society" by Richard M. Stallman.

3/3/2005. A variety of updates... Vector Linux 5 is available now. Also VMware have released version 5 of their workstation product. Red Hat have released version 4 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so they now have a fully supported 2.6 kernel based offering. Please contact us if you would like further information about Red Hat products as the enterprise products are not on the site yet. We plan to add them to the web site shortly.

Don't forget that we can copy CDs and DVDs to order. If you'd like some Linux CDs (or anything else come to that, including music) with your company's name and logo professionally printed on it, please ask us for a quote. We can print in colour as well the black-on-silver format of our cheap CDs.

22/2/2005. A new game for Linux: Robin Hood. It should work on most recent Linux distributions and is listed on our Games page. Also Slackware Linux 10.1 GPL is available from the general distributions page. We hope to have some boxed set version of this too.

25/1/2005. Several new items. Xandros 3, FreeBSD 5.3 Official boxed set, two new GNU books ("The Bison Manual" and "GNU Make"), OpenBSD 3.6 and Yellow Dog 4.0.

24/1/2005. Many items on the site have been updated. There are a number of new O'Reilly books and a number of the cheap CD titles have been updated to new versions over the last few weeks; Knoppix 3.7, The OpenCD 2.0, NetBSD 2.0, GNU Hurd Snapshot K-8 and FreeBSD 5.3 amoung them. We are also just about to receive stock of OpenBSD 3.6 and Yellow Dog 4.0. Both these items have been delayed due to supply problems (they ran out before we were given our allocation) but this seems to be solved now. The shipment is "in transit" at the moment and we expect to receive it in the next few days.

We are also now able to supply Sybase's ASE and SAS database products for Linux. For more details see the Sybase web site or call us for pricing or further details.


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