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Welcome to the Linux Emporium. We sell many Linux and open source related products as well as providing consulting services and training, especially Python and VoIP training. We sell not only software, but also hardware - laptops, LCD TVs and monitors, servers and PC's - prebuilt with Linux - as well as Linux-friendly wifi.

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Linux Desktops

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We are based in Coventry at the University Techno Centre, just of Junction 5 of the Ring Road. Here are our contact details. If you have any queries or problems, please drop us an email or ring us but please don't send credit card information (or other confidential details) by email.

We ship all products world-wide, except for laptops which we can only supply within the U.K because of keyboard layout, warranty coverage and worldwide differences in power supply standards.



We've just relocated to office space within the Coventry University Techno Park. There has been a few logistical nightmares along the way, but now we're more or less back up and running properly.




We stock a wide variety of Linux products including commercial software, low cost CD's of Free Software, official Linux boxed sets of the major distributions, and Linux-friendly hardware. Our Linux laptops and servers come prebuilt with Linux, saving you time and money.

New to Linux ? - Getting started

We recommend trying one of the general distributions, such as Ubuntu, or Fedora, or if you feel that you might want some installation support beyond what is freely-available on the Internet then one of the boxed-set offerings, for example Xandros or SUSE would be good. You can try out Linux without even installing it on your hard disk (useful for initial evaluation) by using one of the 'Live-CD' Linux distributions such as Knoppix or Ubuntu. We also stock a range of books to help you on your way. If in doubt, please drop us a line and we'll do our best to recommend a solution for your application.

For power users

As usual we have stock of all the major and many minor distributions of Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD. If we don't have what you are looking for, then please contact us and we will consider stocking it.

GNU Linux Laptops

We sell first rate Linux laptops, laptops pre-installed with Linux with laptop functions (hibernate, external monitor, etc) all ready set up. This is the no hassle way to getting up and running with GNU Linux on your laptop, for new and experienced Linux laptop users alike. Commercial Software As authors of PayThyme, winner of LinuxWorld 'Best Linux/Open Source Application', we are ardent believers in the use of open source software in business. Expect an expanding range of industrial-strength commercial Linux software from the Linux Emporium in the future.

Linux Training and Python Training We provide training for both GNU/Linux sysadmin and programming. All courses have one thing in common: the tutors are practising programmers and Linux sysadmins, and we only teach what we use. For Python training we offer a superb-value 'no-frills' Python training course. Bespoke software Our sister company, Clockwork Software Systems, offers bespoke programming for commercial and engineering Linux applications. Linux systems design and implementation We provide the support and development expertise required to build rugged Linux systems, install servers and network infrastructure and run them successfully. We can advise and/or undertake tasks from simple domain name registration through to complete Linux installations including servers, clients and networking etc.

Read more... Please drop us a line if you would like further details or require a quote on any of these things. Wireless Cards for Linux Because wireless hardware manufacturers tend to be very secretive about their products, wireless on Linux can be problematical - very few wireless chipsets are adequately supported under Linux. We've done our best to find wireless cards (PCI, PCMCIA and USB) which are Linux-friendly and you can find them here.

VoIP : Voice Over IP Internet Telephones You may have heard of Skype, but that is just one variety of VoIP, the latest technology for routing your phone calls over the internet, with potential large cost savings and improved functionality. Yes, we can provide Skype internet telephones, but why not go for the better SIP internet telephone technology? Look at our VoIP pages and you will find details of the internet telephone hardware and services we sell, together with a useful internet phone FAQ and Glossary. We sell more than just VoIP internet telephones, but VoIP training and consultancy as well, which could make all the difference in getting you up and running - fast - with your VoIP internet telephone system.

Holidays If you'd like an activity holiday, or even just a chilling-out holiday, in France you can't do better than look at Ch√Ęteau l"Age Baston. French holidays? What's this doing on the Linux Emporium website? Well, apart from the fact that we host and maintain their website (on a GNU/Linux server of course), and that they're jolly decent folks, it's where some of our software gets written. If you need to write some serious Linux code, taking yourself off to somewhere like l'Age Baston can be very productive!


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